About Yogi Bangora 

Yogi Bangora aka Kelsea is an international yoga teacher, currently based in Hong Kong. She is the 2011 New York Yoga Asana Champion and placed Top Ten in the USA Yoga Asana Championship. Kelsea started practicing yoga at the age of 15, when she was training to become a professional ballerina. Yoga quickly became her passion, and would soon after become her life’s work. She has studied yoga extensively with Yogi Charu, Dharma Mittra and Isaac Pena. Her practice includes the styles of Bikram, Dharma and Iyengar yoga. She continually studies yoga from various teachers and methods around the world and incorporates them into her teachings.

Kelsea is available for private yoga in Hong Kong. And you can find her teaching workshops, retreats and teacher trainings in Asia and the US.