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Hong Kong Tatler:


10 Hong Kong Yoga Teachers You Need to Know

Native New Yorker Kelsea Bangora has become one of Hong Kong’s leading yogis, quickly establishing herself as one of the go-to yoga instructors and a secret wellness weapon to those in the know.

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Lululemon China:


A Day in the Yoga Studio


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Sassy Hong Kong:

That Girl: Kelsea Bangora, a New York Yogi in Hong Kong

One of the most precious things about yoga is the time you commit to yourself, to focus solely on your personal well-being. It’s an effective outlet to direct energy, it leaves you feeling strong and empowered.

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Hong Kong Tatler:


5 Popular Yoga Styles Explained by an Award - Winning Yogi

In Sanskrit, Ha means sun (masculine) and Tha means moon (feminine). So the purpose of Hatha yoga is to create a balance between the masculine and feminine energies that exist within us. We use yoga poses to strike the same balance between strength and flexibility.

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Lifestyle Asia: 

10 Hong Kong Yogis to Follow on Instagram 

Certified in Bikram, Classical Hatha, Vinyasa and Kids Yoga, Kelsea has also won several championships, including the title of New York Yoga Asana champion in 2011. She now offers private lessons, workshops and retreats across the world. 

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New York Times: 

Uniting Body and Mind, With a Bit of a Stretch

Bangora’s roller-coaster experience — one shared by competitive athletes around the world — highlights why competitive yoga puzzles many.

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New York Times: 

Is the Spirit of Competition in the Soul of Yoga?

Each participant demonstrated seven postures in a period of three minutes.